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How much does making a website cost??

We charge $2,320 to $8,927 per site depending on the type of design. These charges include education and customer service upon completion. Prices may change without notice, but we normally inform the client at quotation stage.

How much does an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign cost??

Charges for Search Engine Optimization Campaigns include setup fees starting at $1,427 and maintenance fees starting at $713 per month depending on the number and competition of keywords the client wishes to get. Keywords are words or phrases that people use to find something on search engines.
Prices may change without notice, but we normally inform the customer at quotation stage.

How much does a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign cost??

Charges for Pay Per Click Campaign include; setup fees starting at $1141 and monthly maintenance starting at $678 depending on the number of keywords the client wishes to target.
Prices may change without notice, but we normally inform the customer at quotation stage.

How long will it take to rank my website??

SEO does not yield immediate results. Success depends on the competitiveness of the keywords being used. For instance, high competition keywords can give results within 4- 5 months whereas low competition keywords take 5- 6 months. Clients should understand their market as it will inform keywords selection.

How often will I be updated on the SEO efforts??

We insist on regular communication with clients through a monthly report outlining work that has been completed which helps to keep track of milestones. In addition, our SEO representative will contact you during the month via email to update you and answer any questions you may have.

What information is included in the monthly SEO report??

The SEO report includes specific details on keyword rankings, accomplishments for the month, traffic analysis report and any recommendations for better conversion.

What can I do to increase traffic to my website??

Creating more content will increase website traffic and demonstrate to search engines that your website is important because it is continually updated. All these efforts supplement the SEO efforts and encourage a quicker turnaround on your investment.

Can you guarantee great results??

We do not guarantee results, but our goal is always to achieve first page rankings for our clients. Search engines continually change their algorithm for how they rank websites. No ethical white hat SEO company will guarantee results and any company that guarantees their SEO likely uses spam or black hat techniques for ranking your site. These methods can quickly get your site to the top of the rank, but they can also get your site dropped from search engines.
We only use ethical techniques for ranking your site. Our goal is to just get you to the top spots of the first page of the main search engines and keep you there. We have always achieved first page rankings for our customers, and we are happy to share examples of our work with you.

Are there additional costs after the SEO is done??

Extra charges may arise if you make changes to your website that could benefit SEO efforts. When we begin SEO work, we review your site during the on-site optimization process to look for any conversion techniques you have used within the design. If you are not using any conversion techniques, we recommend you make changes to enable you to convert the new traffic from SEO work. We can quote to complete this, or you can opt to hire someone else. Many website owners are hands on and like to assist in the SEO process.
We also recommend changes as the SEO process continues and we analyze the conversion rate. We recommend continuously adding new content to the site by using a content management system that will allow this or we can do this for you.

Do I need to sign a contract at the onset??

This is standard procedure with many companies but we do not require one because we believe you will be happy with our work. If for any reason you are not happy, you do not have to continue using our service or owe us any additional money. Our work speaks for itself and keeps customers coming back and referring others.