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Evaluating Web Page Interlinking To Gain Attention For Website

SEO Web Page Interlinking

As a family head, you have to take good care of all your family members to attain good will in the society. In a similar fashion, webmasters have to give due respect to all the web pages of the website to ensure its credibility amongst renowned search engines. The search engine optimization specialists are of the view that it is important to interlink all the web pages so that popular web pages can contribute towards overall ranking of the website.

Providing Information To Visitors

Suppose a prospective customer visit your website, but he or she is not able to locate desired information due to lack of web page interlinking. The customer is bound to leave your website in the matter of seconds and all your search engine optimization techniques are wasted in this process. Thus, to ensure easy navigation from one page to another, interlinking is a preferred criterion these days.

Treat Home Page As Directory

If you have arranged seo optimization for your home page, it is time to optimize other significant web pages of your website. Thus, you should build your home page as a directory for inner web pages of the website. You can place these navigation controls in the form of header menu, left navigation menu or footer menu. An efficient search engine optimizer would always consider maintaining all three or at least two types of navigation menus.

Include Navigation Menus In All Web Pages

Another significant aspect of web page interlinking is that the navigation menu must be included in all the inner pages and not only on the home page. This is a wonderful strategy as far as search engine optimization techniques are concerned. It will be appreciated by website visitors and search engines are most eminent visitors amongst them.

Different Search Engines Have Distinct View

The popular search engines distinguish themselves from each other on the basis of on-page optimization and off-page optimization. It is a fact that Google is more interested in off-page optimization, that is, backlinks from other websites. However, Yahoo search engine deviates from this path and consider on-page optimization as more significant criteria for website seo. But, it doesn’t mean that Google has no respect for on-page optimization and vice a versa for Yahoo. Thus, it is desirable to treat both types of seo optimization techniques at equivalent levels.

How To Achieve Web Page Interlinking

There are a number of appreciated ways to create web page interlinking for your website. Here are some of the most prominent techniques:

  • Image links – ALT tag is used to provide web page interlinking through images and is considered to be equivalent to text links for website seo.
  • Breadcrumb links – This is the way to include sub-categories under a main category and provide keywords as headings for each category and sub-category.
  • Individual links – In this, each web page is linked to other with the help of navigation menus. You must have seen “about us”, “contact us” and similar links on the home page of different websites.

Thus, interlinking of web pages allows improving the page rank of individual web page and thus decides the overall ranking of your website.