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SEO And SEM – What is Difference?

Search Engine Marketing

It happens innumerable time that two terms look so similar that it becomes difficult to draw thin lines of difference between them. Here we are talking about SEO and SEM, the two wheels of the vehicle for a website to have smooth ride on cyber road. In fact the SEO SEM combination is employed for websites to find desirable ratings and most prospective audiences. While SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the full form of SEM is Search Engine Marketing.

Drawing The Thin Line Of Difference

As I mentioned before, it is difficult to bring out thin differences between SEO and SEM. We can consider SEO as a part of SEM. This ensures that SEM is a broader term as compared to SEO and thus, requires additional set of expertise for its employment.

The answer to the question what is SEO could be related to the definition of SEM. Thus, search engine optimization is the set of techniques employed to provide space for your website on top positions. You can find great amount of search engine optimization tutorial available on Internet. However, the various techniques followed by SEM are not covered in these tutorials.

What Are SEM Techniques To Follow

The SEM techniques are quite different from those followed in employing SEO. It is not just the difference of M and O in the abbreviations, but the differences are much more deeper than this. So, what are the most appreciated SEM techniques available for your website? Let us take look at few of them:

The first SEM technique is placement of your website ads on the popular search engines. The ads appear on different search engine pages according to the search carried out by a particular user. Thus, keywords play an important role in designing these ads.

Paid inclusion is one of the most trusted SEM techniques, which allows you to submit your website to popular directories, so that they are exposed to searches carried out by search engines. And as the name suggests, you have to pay for adopting this technique.

Other great practice for SEM is pay per click option. This facility is provided by most popular search engines these days and is quite beneficial to generate traffic for your website.

Do You Need SEO SEM combination

The answer to this question is certainly positive. Suppose you have employed successful SEM techniques to draw traffic to your website. But, is your website ready to cater the needs of approaching users? This question is of great significance, as all the money and efforts spent by you on SEM techniques get wasted, if you don’t have an effective website to meet the demands of customers. The customers are very quick in changing their websites and thus, you have to enforce them to be on your website for longer.

This is the point, where SEO SEM combination comes into picture and you require search engine optimization tutorial at this moment. You have to enhance the effectiveness of your website using SEO techniques to get maximum benefits out of SEM practices employed by you. Thus, it is most important to understand what SEO is and then equip yourself with SEM methodologies.