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Search Engine Rules And Techniques – Yahoo Vs Google

Search Engine Rules

The war between two gigantic search engines, Yahoo and Google, is always in the news on cyber space. The fact is undeniable that latter has entered the game of searching years after the former. However, Google has managed to magnetize the Internet searchers with its capable search engine algorithms and thus, has enjoyed the top position as seo search engine for many consecutive years. Still, we can’t undermine the presence of Yahoo on Internet. Where The Differences Lie It has been discussed a number of times by experts marinating seo forum and seo blog that there are noteworthy differences between the search criterions of Yahoo and Google. Let us share…

SEO Mistakes And Myths – Avoiding The Avoidable

SEO Mistakes-Myths

Humans are bound to commit mistakes; however, the good thing is that mistakes are path builders for future successes. If you are performing web site search engine optimization for the first time, you are liable to pamper some myths in your mind and consign certain mistakes. These evil aspects of seo are bound to hamper the prosperity of your website. However, these unpleasant aspects of search engine optimization are avoidable. What Are Most Detrimental Myths If you are new to seo, don’t be ashamed to admit it, as every seo expert attains the level of expertise with passage of time. The incomplete knowledge of seo techniques give birth to some…