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SEO Mistakes And Myths – Avoiding The Avoidable

SEO Mistakes-Myths

Humans are bound to commit mistakes; however, the good thing is that mistakes are path builders for future successes. If you are performing web site search engine optimization for the first time, you are liable to pamper some myths in your mind and consign certain mistakes. These evil aspects of seo are bound to hamper the prosperity of your website. However, these unpleasant aspects of search engine optimization are avoidable.

What Are Most Detrimental Myths

If you are new to seo, don’t be ashamed to admit it, as every seo expert attains the level of expertise with passage of time. The incomplete knowledge of seo techniques give birth to some myths related to this process:

  • The most dominating myth related to seo is that websites are required to be submitted to search engines. Well! You will be delighted to know that search engine algorithms are confident enough to include your website links from other websites. Thus, no need to spend considerable amount of money on submission services.
  • Next most prominent myth is that it is easy to acquire good ranking for websites with less number of pages. In fact, the website with quantity as well as quality pages can attain higher page rank, as rank value of each page contributes towards overall website rating.
  • Have you heard that seo services require considerable amount of expenditure? You must not always believe on your ears. The fact is that it is an economical way of bringing worth to your website.
  • If someone advises you that seo is one time process, ask him to brush up his knowledge. The reality is that web site search engine optimization is an ongoing process to maintain the position of your website. You can’t be relaxed, once you have got top positions in search engines.

Talking About SEO Mistakes

If you have cleared your mind about seo myths, it is recommended to analyze seo mistakes to avoid something knotty at the onset of your seo services. Thus, here are most committable seo mistakes and ways to avoid them:

  • Wrong selection of keywords is the most distasteful action performed by a seo beginner and sometimes, by a seo expert as well. However, if you have soon realized this mistake, you have the scope to replace unworthy keywords by useful ones.
  • The novice seo performers believe that hiding the keywords here and there on website brings the search engine spiders to their doorsteps. However, search engines are more than happy to penalize your website for committing this unethical seo activity. Thus, always maintain distance from keyword spamming.
  • The spamming in other forms like meta tag spamming, header spamming amongst others are things to be avoided for your website welfare.
  • Bad neighboring sites, with which you have decided to exchange the links of your website, have the potential to bring down your website ranking in every possible way. Thus, sharing a healthy relation with them is not considered amongst desirable seo tips.
  • The process known as cloaking is enough to make search engines angry and believe me! Once these engines are angry, your website has to pay for it. Thus, never try to fool them by displaying one thing and offering something else.

These seo myths and mistakes are hindrances in the path of your website and its fame. You have to follow healthy seo tips to improve your relation with popular search engines and keep patience. Your efforts will be paid off very soon.